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No One Will Rescue You

About the book

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No One Will Rescue You is a month-by-month journey that took place between Jan 2018 - May 2019. 

In January 2018, I was raped by someone at a Tony Robbins conference in West Palm Beach. The man asked if he could help me remove some childhood trauma through meditation and energy work. I had recognized him from a past event and agreed. He used the opportunity to get me alone and take advantage of me. He’s done this to other women. I filed a police report, drove to Tony Robbins HQ to share my case, and contacted the DA. He still roams free. The worst part is that he said I should thank him for what he did and pay him.


That rape turned into an affair for 8 months. There was a lot of manipulation, control, and trauma bond. I kept secrets and told lies to my then-husband. I did horrible things. I hurt him deeply and will have to live with that for the rest of my life.


I confessed to my affair in August to my husband and moved near a doctor’s clinic for treatment to heal. In November 2017, we visited this doctor because a Tony Robbins platinum member recommended her. My then-husband thought I had gotten into some dark stuff and suggested it.


I was hoping this would have saved my marriage. It was a cult. September 2018 started a dark journey that lasted until May 2019 when I was able to escape. Three of my friends died because of the cult. 

I came back home with nothing. I was divorced. I had no clothes or belongings. I was in major debt. I was very sick physically and mentally. 

Years of healing have helped me build a life I love and finally be able to share my story. 

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