Empanadas and leeks

I am living a fairytale.

An absolute dream.

Summer Tuesdays are my favorite.

I take a break during lunch and walk to the farmer's market. I talk to the owner of coffee stand and recommend restaurants for him to try. I drink iced coffee while wandering the market. I try the different foods for lunch and buy my produce for the week. I soak in in the sunshine and creativity.

This particular Tuesday, I was walking back with a full bag of groceries. I passed by the hair salon I live above and the owner asked what I bought. I replied, "empanadas and leeks" as I sipped my ice coffee. We chatted briefly about the market.

As I walked up the stairs to my place, I heard my phone ding. It was my landlord. The text read, "What did you get at the farmer's market?" I laughed. He saw me walk by his office. I replied "empanadas and leeks."

Even typing this makes me laugh.

I'm so loved, watched over, and taken care of. I love my little family of shops I live above. I love my new life and what it's becoming.

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