I pray for magic.

In the morning, I pray for magic.

I pray for God to show me little miracles.

That causes me to look for them more and find them.

On my drive to work, I prayed for little gifts of magic .

I thanked God for my life, my drive, my job, my family, friends, healing...

When I got to work, I was greeted by a dozen red roses and birthday presents.

I received my work bonus.

My bosses took me to lunch and spoiled me with cake.

I got a text from a friend who was in dyer need of a place to get away for the day and work. She asked if she could come to my apartment to focus and write. That's my dream. I want to have a place that's a refuge for my friends where they know they can rest and be taken care of.

I drove home and talked to my aunt and dad on the phone. My aunt asked if I would make her sourdough bread for Thanksgiving. My dad wanted to schedule a lunch date.

Then I got home to find out the bakery made me dinner again. We talked for a little while and then I worked for the rest of the evening with a candle lit and jazz music.

I can choose to look at this as just life or I can see each moment as a gift I asked for. A little piece of magic. I've always wanted moments like this with my family, but they were rare because I lived far away. I've always wanted a little community where I connected with my neighbors and friends. I've wanted a home that was inviting and warm. I wanted a life full of serendipitous, special moments that weren't taken for granted.

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