I want more time

To sleep


Do nothing


Get my life in order


Build a business




Even when I get time, I still want more.

When will the burnout stop?

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You need to pray hard about this

What's your long-term plan with this? Are you moving there? Is he moving there? Is he a Christian? I love this for you. You're really close to your family. Your friends. You've worked hard on those re

Is it worth it?

"The trip was perfect," I told my therapist. It was even better than I could imagine. We navigated the chaos of London together. We took care of each other with covid. We handled disagreements and wer

Then I'm back.

A cool breeze brushes my face on my morning run. Then I'm back in Tenessee. Going on my morning run near our apartment. I feel the same cool breeze. Feel the same emotions. Depression. Pressure. And h