It's beautiful

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Falling asleep to the bugs sing and waking up to the birds chirp.

The windows are cracked, and I open my eyes to a new white comforter wrapped around me.

My room is full of new summer outfits, and boxes of goods for my future apartment.

I hear my mom laughing in the living room.

There are flowers in a vase from my brother's wedding on my dresser.

It's beautiful.

But it's even more beautiful because of the sense of freedom I'm waking up to again.

After two months of working hard hours and being isolated, I'm able to see my friends again. I'm able to hug my brothers again. I'm able to pay off the last of my debt and have a timeline for moving into my own place. I'm able to feel free.

With that freedom, I'm starting to want again. I'm starting to dream again. Write again. Journal again. Feel grounded again.

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