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That is something to be proud of

My friends from college recently went abroad with their little one. They're back now, and I saw a meme on their story that said "Can we normalize starting our life over in Copenhagen."

I replied, "It's already normalized" with some laughing emojis.

I messaged his wife later that week about their trip. They're having serious conversations about moving abroad with the main issue being logistics.

She wrote, "You're already one of my 'proud to know' people since you travel so much!"

I replied, "Well, don't be too proud of me." I explained the situation I have been in and how lost I feel right now.

"Oh, Hallie that is so hard. So hard to change, so hard to commit, so hard to know exactly what you want, so hard to face the change that comes as a result of not wanting to commit to change. Let's pause and just let me say - I'm still proud. You're figuring it out, speaking up for yourself, and not doing something until you're ready. THAT is something to be proud of during this. Listening to YOU.

You're going to figure it out. You won't be here forever."

It has been hard. How long will it feel this hard?

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