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The shoes

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

When I moved back home, I barely had money in my bank account.

I had less than $200 available at any given time.

I wasn't mentally or emotionally ready to hold a full-time job yet.

So I walked dogs when I wasn't working at my brother's preschool. Both were rough and didn't last long.

There was a nonprofit banquet that I wanted to attend with the friends I volunteered with. The event was themed for the 40s and we were all dressing up together.

I couldn't even drive to the event because my car had been reposessed that month. My mom had to drop me off at my friend's house.

That day, my mom took me to goodwill to find a dress. We found the perfect one in a vintage bright red.

Next, I needed shoes.

At the time, I didn't have any high heels to name. Or really any shoes.

But even when I did have a variety of heels, I wore my favorite pair most of the time. They were nude and had a strap to secure my heel. I have very small feet and it's rare to find a pair of shoes that won't slip off. These fit like a charm.

I scanned the shoe aisle quickly to see if they had any heels in my size.

And there they were.

My favorite pair of shoes.

The same size and brand that I owned for several years.

In even better condition than mine would have been.

My miracle shoes.

I wore them that night. To my brother's wedding. And to many other celebrations that followed.

I couldn't believe it. It was a special gift from God, just for me.

But this isn't the only time these types of miracles happened.

There was a time I created a vision board with a beautiful wooden desk I wanted. I found that exact desk in North Carolina on a road trip I took for my birthday.

There was also a time I had bookmarked a coffee table on a website that was beautiful and out of my budget. I visited the website multiple times before finding it on Facebook Marketplace and beating everyone else to it.

And there was the time that I fell in love with a man that felt like I fell asleep and dreamed of being a princess in a fairy tale for a year.

God has a mysterious way of showing you his love. It's all around us if you look for it.

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