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I missed my train

I ran to my platform only to find it completely empty. No trains or people in sight. It was 7:14 pm.

I had missed the train by four minutes. There was no way. Maybe the train was late.

My cousin was rushing us from the restaurant to the station hoping I could make the next train in time. I immediately regretted my nonchalant attitude while she was speeding through traffic. I was fully engaged in our conversation about business, life, and Greek food. And now I had to wait two more hours until the next train.

I contemplated my next move when I saw a woman walking past in the distance. She looked close to my age and safe enough.

"Hi, do have a way of knowing if the train is late? I think I missed it."

She opened her phone and showed me the app. "It looks like it's already on it's way to the next stop. Where were you taking it to?"

"To Chesterton. I live in Valparaiso."

"I live there, too. I'm heading to the parking garage attached to the station. Do you need a ride?"

"Wow, that would be amazing...

...I know this is weird, but would you be willing to let me take a photo of your driver's license and connect with you on Facebook? I just want to make sure I feel safer driving with a complete stranger from Chicago." I can be awkward and neurotic, but I knew it was necessary.

She agreed and let me take a picture. I texted it to my cousin with the message "In case I die, you can avenge my death."

I followed Krista to her car and started making small talk. I quickly learned that she had moved to Valpo to be closer to her family while attending acupuncture school in Chicago.

Of course. We had to have connected because of my energy right? That's always a thought in the back of my head after the things I've experienced. I tend to be drawn to Christians as well as people who love incense and meditation.

We spent the drive talking and learning about each other. We found connections between our friends and family. We talked about natural health and beliefs. Then before we knew it, she had dropped me off at my car and we went our separate ways.

Until almost a year later.

I found my dream apartment. It had absolutely everything I wanted. White trim. Wood floors. Roof Access. Two bedrooms and a dining room. A bay window. The most charming place you could imagine nestled downtown above a French Bakery. I don't know how I'll ever leave.

The listing was only up for 24 hours. The only reason I found it was because my best friend sent me a link with the message, "I think this is what you're looking for." It was.

After stalking the realtor company with emails and phone calls, they caved and let me rent the unit. I think it was because I introduced myself with the greeting, "I will give you my firstborn child for this apartment."

After I signed the lease, they explained that the last renter was selling some items from her apartment, including her air conditioner units. They said they would send me her number to connect us.

I received a follow-up voicemail that afternoon with her contact and was surprised when I listened to it. "The previous tenant actually said you're friends on Facebook. Her name is Krista." I quickly looked her up and was shocked that it was the same girl who had given me a ride from Chicago.

We connected, laughed, and shared in the joy that I would be living in the apartment after her. We celebrated the paths we were both on and the future ahead. I bought her air conditioners and we talked about incense.

I really believe life is magical if you're looking for magic to happen.

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