Is it worth it?

"The trip was perfect," I told my therapist.

It was even better than I could imagine.

We navigated the chaos of London together.

We took care of each other with covid.

We handled disagreements and were supportive during conflicts.

We spoiled each other. Surprised each other. Supported each other.

We lived well together and balanced life.

I cried and he listened. He had bloody noses and I hugged him.

We had so much fun. We played board games. Spent time with friends.

It was a fairy tale. A dream.

But I like my life a lot. I don't want to make him come to the US. I don't want to ask that. I don't want to add stress to his life. I want him to be happy. I don't want to ruin his life. I care about my family and friends too much. I like my life and routine. My independence and alone time. I can't leave that.

Is anyone worth it? Even if they're perfect? I don't think it's worth it.

"Hallie, you're worth it." my therapist replied.

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