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It makes a difference

In 2016, I had no idea how to own a business.

In 2017, I had no idea 100+ daily orders would be normal. Or the loneliness, insecurities and pressure it would bring.

In 2018, I didn’t know the business would start unraveling. Or I’d be raped. Or how the effects of trauma would cause me to ruin my own life.

In 2019, I didn’t know I’d be divorced, living with my parents and closing the company. Too sick to even work a normal job.

In 2022, I didn’t know I’d be living part-time in Europe. Working for a startup in NYC. Happily in a relationship. Seeing my cards get published in bookstores in another life. Happier, more aware and healthier than I’d been in a long time.

5 years can make a world of difference. Seeing the life cycle of these flashcards reminds me how much is possible and how much can change.

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