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Sandy Beaches

"Do you want to stop at the beach?" he asked. He knew how much I loved the sea.

I craved spontaneity and adventure, but didn't know how to ask for it. My voice didn't work when it was asked to share it's desires.

"I'm okay," I responded. "We're already later than we planned."

We were on a roadtrip for the longest day of summer. We left Tallinn, Estonia and were headed to Riga, Latvia. We were already arriving later than expected because of our stops I wanted to make.

We continued our drive with music and snacks. I was sad that we didn't stop, but I felt guilty making us even later.

Kestas took a turn off the highway. "Let's go the sea," he said. "I need to use the bathroom."

I was so excited. We pulled off a small road and grabbed our bathing suits. I could see the end of the path to the water and started running. Kestas followed. Rocks lined the peaceful shore. We changed and ran into the cold water. We both peed in the sea and laughed as we collected our things.

I didn't know I could still be a kid as an adult. I didn't know fun and innocence like this existed. Thank you for showing me.

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