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Things you should know before reading my content

My life will forever be changed because of the events that took place between 2018-19.

In January 2018, I was raped by someone while attending a Tony Robbins conference in West Palm Beach. The man asked if he could help me remove some childhood trauma through meditation and energy work. I had recognized him from a past event and agreed. He used the opportunity to get me alone and take advantage of me. He’s done this to other women. I filed a police report, drove to Tony Robbins HQ to share my case, and contacted the DA. He still roams free and no action was taken to my knowledge. The worst part is that he said I should thank him for what he did and pay him.

​That rape turned into an affair for 8 months. There was a lot of manipulation, control, and trauma bond. I kept secrets and told lies to my then-husband. I did horrible things. I hurt him deeply and will have to live with that for the rest of my life.

I confessed to my affair in August to my husband and moved near a doctor’s clinic for treatment to heal. In November 2017, we visited this doctor because a Tony Robbins platinum member recommended her. My then-husband thought I had gotten into some dark stuff and suggested it.

I was hoping this would have saved my marriage. It was a cult. September 2018 started a dark journey that lasted until May 2019 when I was able to escape. Three of my friends died because of the cult.

My friends helped me get back home to heal. I came back with nothing. I was divorced. I had no clothes or belongings. I was in major debt because the doctor took all my money. I was very sick physically and mentally.

After years of healing, I have a life that I truly love and am grateful for.

This content is a part of that healing. It may be confusing at times.

There are flashbacks from the past.

Joys of the present.


Longform content around my recent travels or life.

These posts are glimpses of my perspective while healing through trauma. The full book, No One Will Rescue You, will take you month-by-month through the events that took place between January 2018-May 2019. Sign-up here to be notified when the book is ready for pre-order.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

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