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With You it's

Angry drunk phone calls. It's finding reasons to hate the world. It's listing all the tasks that you'll never finish. It's finding ways to put others down so you feel better about yourself. It's saying your family matters most, but choosing not to see them. It's sadness. It's preferring to be at home with your stuff rather than living. It's control and demand.

And with you it's never being satisfied. It's asking me to be different than the person you met. It's disgust with who I am and how I live my life. It's power. It's making me feel small in any way possible.

But with you, it's different. It's a teenage love of innocence. It's freedom and security. It's support to be whatever I want without judgement. It's beach sunsets and mini golf. It's trips to see friends and coffee with our parents. It's more. It's everything and more.

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